We create and maintain organic vegetable gardens in your backyard or business.

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Indian Cuisine Dishes & Ingredients

Lentil Ball (Kofta) Curry

Lentils Ginger root Poppy seeds
Chick-pea flour Cayenne pepper Cardamom
Chilli peppers Garam masala Cumin seeds
Onion Salt Cinnamon
Garlic Peanut oil Turmeric
Tomatoes Cashews Cilantro leaves
Indian Green Herb and Spice Paste (see below)

Paratha (Indian Flat Bread)

Whole-wheat flour
All-purpose flour

Indian Green Herb and Spice Paste

Chillies Cilantro leaves Sesame seeds
Garlic Mint leaves Bean sprouts
Ginger root Cardamom seeds White vinegar
Salt Fenugreek seeds Coriander seeds
Peanut oil

My Favorite Books

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