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Ente Vegetable Garden (2010)

This project was one of my first and consists of 10-4′ x 12′ beds placed on an ~20% slope. I constructed the beds in two layers with the bottom layer being 3-sided with the short sides being dug into the hill and then a 4-sided bed being placed on top of the first frame. This avoided any grading of the hillside resulting in no erosion from soil disturbance.


Partial construction of double layer planting beds

Ordinarily¬† my planting beds are only 10 ft long, but these were made a non-standard size in order to maximize use of this particular space between an existing fence and a stone wall. The beds are angled as they are because of the direction of the hillside’s slope relative to the fence and wall.



Completed planting beds

This project included installation of trellises which use sections of rebar anchored in the soil and then galvanized electrical conduit is placed over the rebar as the posts and also as the top bar of the trellis. Then nylon netting is attached to the trellis frame. These trellises can be used for any climbing crop including tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and peas, and smaller melons and squash.



Peas climbing on trellis


Garden in mid-July



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