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Hot Pepper Jam

Low sugar version

1 1/3 cup finely chopped hot Hungarian yellow peppers, including seeds
1 1/3 cups white vinegar
1 ¾ cups sugar
1 ½ tsp pectin*
2 tsp calcium water

Wash and rinse jars. Place jars in water bath canner, bring to boil. Bring another, smaller pot of water to boil place lids and rings in pot also ladle, tongs, funnel and jar lifter.
Clean peppers, chop coarsely.
Place peppers, seeds and vinegar in a food processor/ blender and puree.
Place pepper/ vinegar mixture into a non-reactive pot (ie. stainless steel or ceramic) along with calcium water, stir well.
Place sugar into a bowl and mix in pectin powder.
Bring pepper/ vinegar mixture to a boil. Add sugar/ pectin. and stir 1-2 min to dissolve. Bring to boil (will often happen during stirring) and remove from heat.
Remove jars and lids from water. Ladle jam into jars leaving ¼” headspace. Wipe rims. Place jars into water bath. Bring water bath to boil and boil 10 min.
Place jars on towel (not cold counter, jars may crack). Let jars cool, check seals.

This version is slightly hot. For milder jam exclude seeds, for spicier jam include chopped jalapenos (to taste) in step 3.
When storing, remove lid band.
This uses recipe requires a low-methoxyl (LM) pectin, standard pectin will not work in this recipe. I use Pomona’s Universal Pectin with very good results.

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