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I Fought the Manure…

…And the manure won.

The other day I was installing a garden for a client and knew I’d need to fit a lot of manure (more than I usually need) into the van I was renting.

As a result, at one point I tried to push my wheelbarrow up the pile. However, I slipped on a bit of manure and did a face-plant into the manure by way of the edge of my wheelbarrow, resulting in this black eye.

The morals of the story are…

1) When dealing with horses–t, avoid piling it high and deep.

2) You need to deal with some s–t when making a garden, but you should persevere.

3) Dealing with that s–t gives you this…

and this

Rainbow Swiss Chard

and this

Sugar Snap Peas

and this

Golden Beets

Golden Beets

and this


…which makes it all worth it.

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