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Scott Vegetable Garden & Orchard (2012)

This project has a couple of additional elements not part of the other projects shown so far, an orchard and more decorative deer/rodent fence.



The fence posts were made of cedar with the bark still attached and the fencing was PVC-covered metal. The fence was installed by a fencing sub-contractor. This is another project where the fence was built to accommodate additional beds. This is good choice for an inexperienced gardener you have a chance to start small and add beds as you gain experience. Also it is less expensive to build a larger fence than needed in the beginning than to add on to the fence later. As in the Parker Garden project additional beds were installed at this site.

The orchard consists of two cherry trees, two peach trees and four apple trees. The trees are protected from deer by individual cages made of weld-wire and from rodents by plastic truck collars. The irrigation system also services the orchard.


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